Healthcare Drug Testing Evolution - What You Need to Know

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Healthcare Drug Testing Evolution   What You Need to Know-1

Healthcare drug testing is evolving. Once, a simple urine test was enough for screening and on-going testing.

The opioid epidemic, legalized marijuana, and a trend toward drug abuse in the medical field are forcing a change in drug testing standards.

During the webinar reviewed testing standards, when to test, what type of tests are available and relevant to different groups of employees, and how to optimize your testing approach.

Webinar topics include:

  • Testing standards
  • Risk populations of employees
  • Types of testing
  • Optimizing your testing program

Speaker: Jeremy Pollard, GHRR, Director of Professional Services 

  • 15-years' experience in background screening and compliance 
  • Extensive  experience designing, implementing and managing background and drug screening programs for small regional healthcare companies and large health systems
  • Certified in advanced FCRA knowledge by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners
  • Boston Globe and NPR contributor